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Friday, April 9, 2021

Lessons from history


Learning lessons from history more important than learning history lessons.



Everything that has ever existed, exists and likely to come into existence is part of evolutionary imperative and in the context and situation during which a particular thing or person or happening was/is in existence must have had/ be having great significance, meaning and impact.



However, once a particular context or situation evolves into or towards another context then the significance of the thing pertaining to a previous context may lose at least certain amount of intensity of the significance and in some cases totally irrelevant and untenable too. 




Everything has an expiry date, other than certain intrinsic and /or natural imperatives for species survival and existence. In the case of human beings it enlarges beyond the mere physical survival into emotional, psychological, intellectual, socio-cultural aspects of living.



When status quo addicts and lunatic luddites try to hold onto certain aspects of anything that may not have relevance and try to insist on enforcing them on others then it creates all sorts of disharmony. 



All religions and cults have had immense impact and imbued human life with lot of important aspects for life starting from proper maintenance of the human body to ensure peaceful rule based ( it was called as morals and ethics) cohabitation of human beings as social animals with a whole gamut of responsibilities, inevitable adjustments, compromises, co-operations, care and compassion as well as  promoting various  values, traditions and cultures which were meant to engage, to entertain, to enhance aesthetic sensitivity, to enlighten ( if that too is possible) and so on and so forth.



Since, religions and cults contributed to 'many facets' of human need they were confused to be a reference manual and panacea for 'all aspects of all facets for all situations'.



Every concept, activity, ritual that satisfied the religious edicts were sanctified and everything outside or beside the radius of these religious edicts were considered as sacrilege and met with various types of resistances.



At the same time it is proven that any amount of places of worship, any amount of prayers, any amount of faith cannot ensure even basic security for survival. 


In the past few centuries wars and economic activities have scripted the fate of nations while science, technology, certain types of literature, art, music,  food, tourism have contributed to unite humanity.



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