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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Stories convey a lot

 One among my thousands of interests is to collect or write very short stories, great speeches which convey a powerful and useful message very subtly either with seriousness and/ or humour like stories of Mulla Naseeruddin, Tenali Raman, Akbar Birbal etc .   

Nothing gets an idea across seeing better than real action or reading a good story.

Great stories including epics convey not only many vital and useful tips for life and living, portray contextually the predominant culture, trends, collective social obsessions, attitudes, perspectives, values of the times in which they took place etc.

One writer points out in the West on the topic of fidelity and marriage- transition from polygamy to monogamy, " you can glimpse this transition in the difference between the Iliad- full of fighting between polygamist men- and Odyssey- which features the story of a virtuous Penelope waiting for her ( mostly) faithful Odysseus".

I wanted to portray the issues between the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata but I shelved it fearing the bombardment from the clerisy pseudos.

They must also help readers in addition to learn some new aspect or element of language. I tried a few.

Mere factual , philosophical , analytical and scientific discourses may be of interest to some like me but for many it would be better that the same is spiced with a lot of fiction, anecdotes and all sorts of imaginary stuff. 

Few autobiographical works are made of such stuff. 

I find of late many writers of science and economics have more literary flavour and write excellent romantic prose whereas, unfortunately, literary scholars are focusing more on conveying their point of view that they slack a bit in the literary flavour except a few. ( A phenomenon on which I can give many examples and also the reasons they are so).

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