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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Global cosmopolitan approach leads to prosperity

Though many​may disagree with the US or the hype around NRI or Indian origin Americans. 



US as a nation focuses on a few sectors which are vital for the growth under modern day politics, namely, man management ( read as management of leaders of many nations), publicity, huge investment in R&D, military might ( read as advanced weapons systems), importing talent - almost a perennial IPL auction of skilled and talented persons etc.



They have been doing it in many realms and enhancing the domain and exposing great aspects to the world starting from Albert Einstein to Swami Vivekananda to JK to Huxley to Osho to Prabhupada's Iskcon.


Many people in many nations nurture an ambivalent relationship with the US tilting predominantly in favour of the US. 


I can at least read, if not experience, various aspects, actions and collective psychology and social behaviour including practice of culture and traditions of many nations and while doing so, I find that there are many positives that exist in nations to which people and businesses migrate.


In brief, if you observe without bias, nations which have nurtured a global cosmopolitan approach ( with ​some ​short comings and biases) and valued the contribution of migrants and have not ​hindered​ to fill vital areas of activities with other nationalities have prospered irrespective of their size, resources, religions, politics etc. 




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