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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Why are many often in a dilemma?

                       Why are many often in a dilemma?


Too ambivalent to clearly choose between the practical and idealistic that they cannot object either approaches;


Too bickering for petty benefits that they cannot afford to object to beneficiaries of certain entitlements;


Too caring about being cocooned in their personal comforts that they cannot advice others to come out of their comfort zones.


Too discursive in debates that they cannot find fault with others diverting from context;


Too easy going to object to expediency or opportunism that others seek;


Too fond of dabbling in too many things with a cursory interest without serious focused persistent pursuit of any particular thing that they cannot find fault with superficiality of others or get intimidated by the specialist;


Too greedy that they cannot deny others' aggression to acquire more;


Too hypocritical that they cannot criticise double standards of others;


Too immune to insults and insinuations they cannot object to others' compromises;


Too judge​mental that they cannot avoid being evaluated;


Too kinky that they cannot find fault with aberrations of any sort in others;


Too laid back in their attitude that they cannot accuse others of not taking things seriously;


Too manipulative that they cannot accuse others of misusing them;


Too narcissistic that they cannot accuse others of selfishness;


Too overbearing that they cannot accuse others' bossy behaviour;


Too passionate about certain things to the exclusion of other things that they cannot object to others' strong prejudices;


Too quixotic in disposition that they cannot question others' choices and decisions;


Too radical to object to any others' opinions; 


Too sensitive to object to others taking offence at certain comments;


Too thick skinned to get offended by any comments and hence cannot accuse others' indifference;


Too unforgiving that they cannot question others' intolerance;


Too vainglorious that they cannot accuse others of vanity;


Too xenophobic to object to ethnocentric protectionism in others;


Too yearning for everything that they cannot object to unrealistic desires of others;


Too zigzag in life's path that they cannot suggest any path to others;


Too wobbly is the whole life with all actions, emotions, recreations, thoughts, ideas, reasoning, rewards , rich experiences and all winding paths which makes it clear that 'wisdom is always a work in progress' and hence, we need to accept others for what they are worth without trying to act wise or attempting to give advices. 



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