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Friday, June 29, 2018

Writing suggestions

When a young girl seeks suggestions to improve her writing I can only say these sir.

Follow your own impulses, intuition, imaginations but do not get contented with your intelligence, ideas, ideological affinities and interpretations as they may inadvertently, sometimes overlook certain areas of a topic and may miss out certain nuances.

Writing, like teaching, is basically a very interesting journey of learning, interaction,  introspection etc.

The best way to improve writing is to keep reading a lot and keep writing every day.

Constant practice is important.

Don't get obsessed with rules or notions of perfection or endorsement by others.

Observe different styles, enhance knowledge and more importantly improve understanding of any topic without any restraining bias or restrictive ideological pinnings.

Ensure whatever is being written is contextually relevant.

While interpreting any issue, idea or imagination never allow limiting frames of references or parochial perspectives to prevent broader vision and greater view of anything.

Also, If it may be of any significance when you get time read the following.

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