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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Greek tragedy

Greek tragedy was what was happening at national level as to what is happening to our railways and banks.

There are 3 times more pensioners than employees and the pension amount is almost 60 percent of railway expenditure.

This needs to be balanced.

We cannot let down the old and besides it is only a promised deferred payment of salary.

However, on the other hand because of this more number of educated and qualified youth are not being recruited and that creates educated unemployed youth who can turn into potential depression patients or criminals.

All these will have to be balanced at a macro level for which responsible individuals must act reasonably at family level with social responsibility at micro level.

With more elders to take care medically and more children to be fed and educated ,  the earning members will get fed up soon as they need to spend at both ends without even having time to think about what they are doing with their earning.

At least for earning members it is ok. Imagine the plight of those who are neither earning nor have inherited wealth nor sponsors.

That's why employment, earning, social security, minimum wages insurance in the event of lay off or no work are very vital aspects of the economy at micro level.

If they are not addressed properly as an important aspect of social engineering then the adverse impact will manifest at macro level.

More than wealth disparity and inequality, which are inevitable for various reasons and justifications it is mounting unemployment tjhat would create more vulnerable youth who could be easily exploited by the vested interest lobbies and mafias as their foot soldiers

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