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Saturday, June 23, 2018

social success

Someone asked me how even docile people start becoming assertive when given power or position.
I said docility and meekness could perhaps have been nothing but silent observation waiting for appropriate time to blossom.
Then based on assumption even their ascendency to power or position is questioned.
I said it could be a blessed metamorphosis of providence or is a very cleverly and consciously developed skill set and perhaps helped along by some luck and links.
However, we cannot brush aside or ignore certain positive credentials and capabilities of anyone in any position.
I also feel that we must always respect the post and diplomatically point out the mistakes or activities performed by the person holding certain specific posts because they can tarnish the post or bring down the very image of the institution they are in.
We must also bear in mind not to over indulge in too indiscriminate or excessively aggressive criticism of some people and be conspicuously silent on lack of initiative or involvement of many for many years on multiple issues.

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