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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Limited Insolvency Examination!!!
Today a friend shared his happiness about passing an exam after 50 years of age.
But what I saw was shocking.
Surprising that the certificate issued by
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
We must examine the limitation of language usage skills of Government boards and why this bankruptcy of excessively worded university degrees which we used to get with too much of legalese and which used to read as hereby declare that X having undergone examinations conducted by the appropropriate authority and having....bla bla
Anyway it is not only a question of a very ambiguous use of adjective but the citation is too abbreviated and clumsily crushed, crumbled and jarring to the reader's mind.
What is limited?
Followed by next logical question what is the measurable limit of whatever is said to be limited.
When there is abhaswaram ( in carnatic music) going back to Shadjamam or Panchaman and setting the sruthi and resuming is the thumb rule in classical carnatic music.
Similarly, whenever there is any ambiguity in the usage of adjective or participle acting as adjective the thumb rule is to hyphenate.
I am sharing some relevant materials at my limited disposal and I am open to examination.

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