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Saturday, June 23, 2018


We had world's best alphabet teaching system more brief and nicely injecting social moral values without even a tinge of any religiosity.
However , unfortunately we killed it because of our new enthusiasm to develop a new breed of linguistic laundering to suit selective political ideology.
In which other language we had alphabet teaching like our Aathichudi Aram saiya virumbu, aaruvadhu sinam...; it was marvellous.
Even in English starting from teaching alphabets to defining the logic for or justification as to why alphabets have retained certain shapes, their significance in terms of sound.
Besides all these even for alphabets there is an etymological and socio- cultural background.
If we study more languages we shall find that every language, it's alphabets, words, expressions, idioms and phrases carry with them the real and true history of the times when they have evolved along with both human idiocies and intelligences; human exalted  perceptions and excreted perversions; social performances and prejudices; impactful events and happenings and politically and religiously instigated and engineered attitudinal changes etc.
Above all and despite everything the onward march of evolutionary changes that have held the intrinsically important,impact wise indispensable and individually and collectively internalized imprints intact.
Having said these words and expression wise among the languages that I know a little Sanskrit unravels enormous meanings; French and Telugu attract you with their pleasant sounds and English offers a wholesome buffet of flexible menu while Chinese ( though I don't know it personally but as explained by an author as great as Ezra Pound) is the first most visually logical language.

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