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Friday, June 29, 2018

liberal is a dirty word in India's new lexicon.

Today's TOI ' liberal is a dirty word in India's new lexicon.

Well, it has been rendered so all over the world when media mafia started appropriating it.

1. The whole world knows that social engineering or socio economic structures or socio cultural systems either promoted or proclaimed by political, religious or other mass opinion molders like media mafia have many aspects beyond and besides the dichotomy of Left or Right; Liberal or Conservative etc.

2. Main stream media platform has been misused by some to peddle their putrefied perspectives, petrified ideologies, prefabricated extrapolation of such ideologies to everything involving human life and putative selective silence. So, no sane person would bother to notice the egocentric appropriations by this club or mafia.

3. Majority of the populations across the globe have kicked out the dubious designs and dupes of this mafia and slowly this tribe because of its well entrenched inflated ego tries to hide its self pity seeking through affected and condescending portrayal of social perceptions and reactions which have through multitude of Social Media forums exposed the hidden agenda of media mafia.

4. Now that they ( misusers of platforms of MSM) have been rightly left out of any serious consideration on any issue. I think no one needs to recapitulate and emphasis the glaring results of many major decisions and elections despite and in spite of the constant noises this media mafia was making.

5. I feel sorry for the unhealthy condition that this media mafia created for itself and the whole society at large.

6. The following link lists the unhealthy aspects.

7. Since there was hidden agenda of emphasising appropriation of the term 'Liberal' in the article the following link will throw some light on that coveted but often contaminated term Liberal.
Read the link

8. What further damages this term is the extrapolation of multitude of associated ideologies that take umbrage under this term  'Liberal' , to almost all aspects of life

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