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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Specialties are inevitable.

Specialities are inevitable.
Probably we may have a specialist for olfactory nerves one for the left nostril and another for the right nostril.
But jokes apart it is the serious research and empirical data based specialities in health care that have contributed to increased number of aged people and many cures or at least remedies and comforts to several diseases.
The medical profession in general and private hospital based health care in particular along with advanced diagnostic equipments have made huge strides to the betterment of society.
Unfortunately, the society has a whole fails to appreciate and realize the difficulties and duties of all medical professionals from nurses to paramedics to hospital administrators to doctors.
Their jobs are very tough.
The worst part is day in and day out they deal with sickness, diseases, trauma, tragedies, troubles as part of their profession.
It is physically tough, psychologically tiring and emotionally very demanding but with all these they are expected to maintain their balance, put aside their personal life and perform their duties with seriousness and careful attention with a uneasy but intense involvement.
Incidentally in today's TOI i.e.2nd April Chennai edition central page has a wonderful article 'Medicine at Crossroads' by Anoop Misra Chairman Fortis.

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