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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What needs to be prioritized for India?

The galaxies of scholars/personalities who have contributed a wonderful write up please also ensure two items highlighted in this write up in yellow are prioritized over everything else.

The issues discussed are not new but the attitude towards them has changed from that of being passive, mute, meek and submissive spectators to at least starting to listen to and to be more precise starting to get access to the other side of the story, which in many cases happens to be true and which would have led Indians to be proud of their ancestry.

But unfortunately the other side of the story has been methodically and intentionally hidden thus for.

There is no point in doing a post mortem and pointing fingers as to why no one actively took it up all these years.

However we need to acknowledge without prejudice all the issues discussed here without blindly taking sides based on multiple ideological or doctrinal identities.

I have been upset and squirming like many others with impotent and frustrated anger at not being able to do much about the blatant lies peddled by massive forces for more than a few centuries. So it is not easy to undo all that assiduously developed and enormously funded lies in the name of history with one common factor that of total indifference or active suppression of India’s contributions and greatness.

The great works of philosophical concepts which delineate and describe many vital aspect of life of individual and his relationship to the society at large as well his emancipation as soul in its journey for further realization or emancipation from the works of Swami Vivekananda or Sri Aurobindo or Sri Ramana Maharishi etc [ I mean /refer to their non religious but philosophical works] never found any mention in many reference works be it Dictionary of philosophy of Dagobert David Runes [ a big old volume of which used to be at Madras University with a dirty red binding and I used to sit for hours and read that in 1979 to understand various philosophies] or many other encyclopedias emanating from various popular publications.

So I used to wonder how come such great and good works went unmentioned or just mentioned as a passing reference.

Then I realized that what matters in most matters is the combination of certain factors which contextually had a predominant impact and formed part of human evolution as social beings with national boundaries and limited resources to that extent.

Two among them are predominantly attracting out attention, namely,

A] Authority and power which makes the world to sit up and listen to you

B] The extent to which you provide utility value for them at least through well documented accounts of knowledge you have had in a language and idiom that they can understand.

This is obvious in any sphere that is why technological innovations get funded more than pure scientific  research because of its greater tangible utility and user friendly benefits, though researches in pure science is the foundation on which technologies are built.

Similarly the best form of authority and power that was respected and that has ruled the world in the past few centuries, when human knowledge dissemination, information sharing etc progressed enormously, has been largely due to economic prosperity and all its concomitant manifestations which have had such enormous impact, in many cases, rightly so, because they have enabled human progress much quicker in many spheres, made life more comfortable and pleasant in many activities etc.

However it is also true that they have had their own share of negative influences in terms of penetration into all spheres of human life.

Our greatest failure has been paying lack of attention to economic development and material prosperity both at individual level and as a social phenomenon.

We assumed that it was not part of or sometimes even deluded ourselves into believing that it was not one of the sacred aspects of life so why bother about it.

Regarding documentation, since we relied so much on oral tradition and imparting everything only to those interested in knowing we were pathetically short on much scientific documented evidence for many of the excellence that we had or at least claim to have had as others put it.

Even a Swami Vivekanda, Sri Aurobindo, Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi  were known to the world because of  two factors one their willingness to come out of insulations of hermitic life, ability to communicate in a Westerner’s language and also some Westerners who found and felt the need to spread their invaluable wisdom to the whole world.

In mathematics Ramanujam was unearthed and announced to the world by a Westerner; Bose too had to face a similar fact.

So as the adage goes better late than never, we must now put everything else behind us or keep them in abeyance as a part of hidden agenda and ulterior motive.

Please note that hidden agenda has to remain hidden and ensconced in diplomatic terms and delicate hypocritical posturing as  most noble cause peddling NGOs do in most parts of the world to ensure that they do not end up hindering the main agenda through adverse publicity by the lunatics who have suppressed our great history and divert the attention.

Truth must preferably better not to be presented through any brutal or in any blunt manner.

So, we need to prioritize two things now, in the present context of human evolution.

One emphasize and ensure economic development in all spheres which will empower many Indians and establish the authority and position of India as a powerful nation or at least allow the present government of BJP to do that;

Two establish institutions of governance with transparency and simplicity which can deliver the benefits of economic development to percolate to as many Indians as possible so India as a nation and Indians as individuals are respected and looked up to.

We can achieve all these in a grand manner because we have innumerable people willing to deliver, immense potential, innovative technologies, increased opportunities, itching youth who want economic development.

Once this is accomplished over a period of one or two decades then all the hidden agenda can surface safely.

The glory of our philosophy is so connected with life it will be adopted in any case ultimately for human welfare.

Having written all these I would like to share with those who have time to read to go through some of my write ups on almost most of the issues discussed in the write up at different times like:-

When issues concerning left appropriating labels of intelligentsia and liberal through media is not only aiding and abetting such a crime but also enhancing it through its tentacles of publicity and propaganda;

Hypocrisy- how all of us are subjected to it and also manifest it at various times because we do/follow many great things with a flippant ritualistic attitude just for the sake of doing it or for social acceptance or for publicity; damages and destructions by the left and why rightfully it will be left in the lurch by its own sponsors i.e. the media sooner or later;

We love gloating too much in our past glory without bothering to live in the present context with relevance;

We need to define things clearly and proceed with a definite plan of action.
We  must not jump into anything because it is sensational, savored by the media, sponsored by some vested interest groups /individuals who may have their own hidden agenda etc.

Leftist ideologies create an atmosphere in all places, in all ages leaving people culture less, pride less, identity less living a life in vacuous inanity and nurtured inferiority complex and a sense of victim hood where there is no such victimhood.

It was initially used as a political brainwashing technique as a ploy to play by magnifying the societal disparities to dislodge the Empires in many parts of the world but then gradually these self appointed leaders of socialist movements and leftist ideologues gradually replaced the kings and carried on the same atrocities and enjoyed the same privileges as the kings knowing well that they could easily intoxicate the masses with catchy slogans, brainwashing ideological sign posts, selective presentation of victim hood etc.

The following link carries an article reproduced

These are my write ups on various issues.

The mafia managers are

The means available with everyone to fight the above mafia are

We need patience having waited for centuries at least give a decade to MODI to accomplish the vision and mission needed for India

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