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Friday, November 20, 2015

Spirituality and leadership

A great speech /article by jaggi Vasudevji

Is Spirituality Relevant to Leadership?

Not only leadership ,life in general is made of  multiple dimensions and most of which we are not even aware of due to various reasons.

If  remember correctly I have shared two of his interviews in the recent past in my FB wherein he talks in detail about this. Much more in detail and lucid enough for people to understand.                    

There are very few souls who have the fortune of  perceiving most of  the dimensions and fewer still who can really communicate with excellent verbal articulation to make people at least get a glimpse of their real wisdom gained through what one may call real communion with the universal spirit.

We can name a few like JK, Osho, Neale Donald Walsch, Ramana Maharishi,  Turumoolar [though he is a bit tough to understand]. By reading their works we may at least try to grasp bits and pieces of wisdom and more importantly apply at least a fragment of what we have understood in all aspects of life.

But on the question of spirituality itself as to what it is ? what is soul? can we ever understand it etc involves study of lot of things unless we are blessed with the grace of having a direct and spontaneous understanding.

Here are some pieces on spirituality

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