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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Governance is not a please all or make all earn enterprise

Modi need not and does not function to please the media and if perception is defined as media projection then let us either avoid it or take and be cursed for it as it happens in certain places like Delhi or Bihar. He is primarily not running a please all or make all earn political company nor does he do things for recognition or reward to become someone or something but wants to leave the nation a better place and that will happen despite all these aberration , annoyances etc both from within and outside. If you read history of humanity no great soul has ever been understood in its time i.e when it performed great or good things in a particular body with a particular name and frame. But the ideas, concepts, institutions that they create linger on forever. However having said that what is expected of everyone is to just pitch in this frequency which may affect/upset many status quo addicts.

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