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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Elaboration is indeed important

A brief account about the need to be elaborate and why every anesthetist must learn / read about caste or tribe?

Why we have too many activities in wedding/marriage ceremony most of which do not matter at all?

Why did not the religions just convey in one line sermons like Aviayar or Saint Tiruvalluvar and instead opted for not only voluminous scriptures and also created many epics and mythological characters? Even with such elaboration, interpreting religious scripture is a billion dollar business in all religions.

Why in military they just stop with teaching only how to operate weapons but also subject one to rigorous repetitive drills? Most activities are dominated more by frills and drills.

Why can’t sport men just made to go and play instead we subject them to so many physical and psychological toughness testing drills?

Why cannot we just teach someone when he can understand how to build a bridge? Why must we make him study 12 years of all stuff which he may never use in his life and another few years of useless studies?

Why the hell did Shakespeare tell just that Romeo and Juliet were romantic lovers, instead wrote such a long poetry to understand which I had to read a dozen guides?

Life itself is confusingly perceived and lived, though unfortunately, more through its ambience than what it really is. Jaggi Vasudev explains it very nicely.

It is all because to ensure that we never omit any micro detail and at the same time ignore to have a macro view and as a result perception becomes encyclopedic.

Why every anesthetist must learn / read about caste or tribe?
If an anesthetist is focused only about patient’s age, operation and dosage and does not read about the DNA of patient he can kill the patient through scoline even before surgeon takes a look at the patient because whole of certain tribes are allergic to this particular common drug used in anesthesia for examples all Chettiyars of Tamil Nadu, Agarwals of Andra, Pashtuns of Pakistan etc.

"The simplicities of natural laws arise through the complexities of the language we use for their expression."- Eugene Wigner

I firmly believe at least while discussing certain subjects in what Dobelli says, ‘In the Art of Thinking clearly’ "With journalists, it is more difficult. Some have acquired true knowledge. Often they are veteran reporters who have specialized for years in a clearly defined area. They make a serious effort to understand the complexity of a subject and to communicate it. They tend to write long articles that highlight a variety of cases and exceptions.”

"Abandon the urge to simplify everything, to look for formulas and easy answers, and to begin to think multidimensionally, to glory in the mystery and paradoxes of life, not to be dismayed by the multitude of causes and consequences that are inherent in each experience -- to appreciate the fact that life is complex."- M. Scott Peck

"Existence consists in the interplay of a plurality of elements whose true nature is indescribable and whose source is unknown. Combinations of these elements instantaneously flash into existence and instantaneously disappear, to be succeeded by new combinations of elements appearing in a strict causality." - Earle Ernst, The Kabuki Theatre

"To make progress in understanding all this, we probably need to begin with simplified (oversimplified?) models and ignore the critics' tirade that the real world is more complex. The real world is always more complex, which has the advantage that we shan't run out of work."- John Ball, 1984, Memes as Replicators, Ethology and Sociobiology, Vol. 5

This is why Raga alapana in music and foreplay in sex are also considered as an important component.

Everything has its own influence and impact. So, we can neither deny nor defy the importance of anything nor can we even claim to know/ understand or define everything.

Abbreviation is good in satire and sometimes in attire and in retorts but never in serious discussions.

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