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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Proclaiming intentions better than policy paralysis and pretensions

I have always wondered how all spy stories, theories, actual spying, security inputs, intelligence gathering and sharing are over powered by the multi pronged but masked international political manipulations or threats, enhanced further by advanced technology.

Besides as most people do not have real access to many micro details of military intelligence, security inputs and therefore any or all debates by people who are not in the thick of these activities are bound to be inadequate to that extent and sometimes could at best be possibilities/possible dreams/wishes weaved around perceptions that one has based on different narrations and claims.

But having read many political criticisms and analysis and works by and about Henry Kissinger’s, Churchill, Disraeli, Thatcher  and gleaning through history of politics or politics of history in today’s contextual perspective some of the old models are still worth adopting but not all of them because the narrative of international and intra national relations are defined by various factors and are inextricably interconnected in many ways due to evolving necessities of  civilization and exigencies of economy.

So any aggressive war as real estate acquisition activity or even territorial claim /protection with armed aggression may be only counterproductive and inflict more loss to all sides.

What works more effectively is of course as always propaganda, power-both economic and political; in addition powerful pals in international community and activities like diplomatic wheedling and so on.

The notions of perceived threats and presumed enemies as being confined in any particular geographical location is also not always correct as can be seen in many undeclared wars and attacks from within in many places.

So, no nation is willing to take any obsessive paranoiac declared stand against any other nation, more so any neighbor, unless it is inevitable as in some specific cases.

It is always burden or risk rather than any benefit by being a friend or an enemy of a whole group of people steeped in tradition and unwilling to adapt to evolving trends of civilization. This applies to groups on both extremes of the spectrum the radical and pusillanimous.

Specifically regarding Tibet, as they belong to the second category indicated above i.e a very timid race. Even in 2014 many Tibetians were only self immolating in thousands without either bravely fighting or garnering ideological support from any nation or even realizing that they need to look at and rectify their short comings in the present generation.

I think psychologically and practically as a nation its citizens will have to start living in sync with the present times which will be the only liberating factor for them as a nation.

India cannot afford to be their patron or protector. Morally we can sympathize with their plight, but practically we have nothing to gain irrespective of whatever happens to Tibet because if we take it as our task it will be more of a burden of feeding a few lakh monks and Sherpas who are not going to be of any use to anyone. They have refused to get updated in a highly competitive, cut throat, cunning, corrupt world of political maneuvering.

So, in my view proclaiming an intention is an important step, but obviously not the ultimate goal or even an effective tool which everyone including those who are proclaiming it, are aware of and they do not need to take lesson on international diplomacy from any news room reporter.
What is of greater importance is  to make other nations change their perception of us as a nation with dignity and take note of us rather than either ignore us or look down at us but interact with us with due diplomatic respect and relevance in larger scheme of things.

At any time in a nation’s life proclaiming intentions, that too positive intentions, is better than policy paralysis and pretensions.

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