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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BJP identify those who rock your boat- Expel seniors who are drilling your boat or jumping in it - it will make the boat sink or capsize

Posterity needs more in treasury not more temples and the present time needs more help and not hysteric debates/reactions to history.

Make everyone in Party and all affiliated organization to realize and decide for posterity do we need improved treasury? Or increased number of places of worship? Or praising our glorious past? Or do we need once again a bunch of anti-national looters? If they do not fall in line get rid of them?

One of the main reasons for China’s growth was that it never allowed media-funded by global sabotage specialists to interfere in its policies and programs.
BJP must either control or expel all seniors, however mighty and great they may be, if they rush to the media with their loose statements against the Government. Because continuing to keep them in the party along with the inability to control the paid manipulative media will cost the government and the nation more than even anti-developmental opposition parties.
Read the parts highlighted in yellow the jumpers and drillers in the boat of BJP who will let the boat capsize or sink before it completes its journey.
1. Prioritizing performance and long term economic development plans is the need of the hour and our duty and responsibility to posterity.
2. Let all intellectuals if at all they are worth that label and are interested in national welfare note the following. I am saying all these not because I am a blind supporter of any leader or any organization.
3. Based on these intellects must know and must have clear understanding as to what Modi wants to do? What he is doing? Are they in the long term national interests?
4. If not one can approach him through various means, especially the senior party men can do so directly and convey their suggestions and advises too.
5. Also note great people prioritize good actions over petty perceptions generated by vested interest groups and projected in an exaggerated manner by media.
6. But it is not correct to expect  a hard working visionary leader [with clear mandate and clarity of understanding as to what are all needed to be done] to act according to what everybody or anybody or somebody wants him to do.
7. Everything takes time and there is a process
8.  Please try to take facts and realities into consideration
9. BJP and RSS well wisher’s Diary in National Interest
Modi is correctly prioritizing good governance and economic development agenda for nation.
Organization like RSS must know, acknowledge the importance and strength of political power over ideology and help to improve political power silently because RSS is one of the best silent back office enterprise in the world when it comes to rendering unbiased humanitarian services, creating purposeful idea and research generating activities for national development. No one from that organization must deviate from their core strength of being silent back office and foray into media attention grabbing statement peddling. Without BJP in power RSS can be a non entity. All people in RSS are great nationlists and provide service without any bias but are necessarily good speakers.
BJP must create Real Digital India of multiple audio visual channels through internet for each district or village and make someone from RSS/BJP take charge of that work. We have teams that can carry on these.
In National interest and if BJP wants to win elections in UP and in 2019, then BJP on its part must improve its communication via creating multiple channels in various local languages either as television channels or as indicated above.
Or BJP must try to acquire the existing media channels and newspapers through various means or start its own limited edition newspapers for each state in local language and one in English
10. BJP must use government intelligent bureau effectively and also curb Maoists with drone attacks.
Any organization needs real brain storming on certain mutually agreed common priorities which can deliver desired results.
 All view and opinions matter only pertaining to those common priorities.
Irresponsible statements or even sane statements likely to give room or scope to be misinterpreted or exploited by media must be avoided.
Each must play his/her role without clamoring for media projections or publicity or popularity.
11. A very unpleasant and unwarranted happening due to inflated individual egos.
They are not ministers but those seniors who did not get ministries.
Unfortunately most of them are refusing to gracefully retire and instead constantly finding fault with a particular minister.
What everyone fails to realize is that the demographic dividend of youthful population needs opportunities through economic growth and activities.
We all need to understand that these youth will start begetting children who may need jobs after another 20 years.
Just glean through the population data, global economic conditions and realize what must be done for posterity to lead a life or at least survive decently.
Decide for posterity do we need improved treasury? Or increased number of places of worship? Or praising our glorious past? Or do we need once again a bunch of anti-national looters?
12. Modi’s focus has been and is always on economic developmental activities from the time he took over as PM and even before that.
However, please try to understand you can get rid of all scaffolding once your new house is ready to occupy but cannot divorce your spouse. Similarly, however great be one's vision, good be one's intentions, excellent one's actions as a political leader one cannot afford to divorce politics totally from policies.
The ways and means and methods of getting political mileage can be maneuvered [as in this domain no one can create any paradigm shift] though cannot be changed but gradually modified into a more civilized way.
It will again take time as in India politics involves poly tricks and itching ticks associated with it all of which cannot be removed or wished away over night and even if one tries doing it MSM will sensationalize it.
To tune all his party men first to the frequency of prioritizing economic development and progress, then educate the public about its importance over everything else etc is difficult, not impossible, but it takes time.
Everyone must realize through reaping the tangible benefits of economic development oriented policies, programs and performance. We must feel happy that at least it is all happening after 60 plus years.
Biggest problem that GOI must address simultaneously is silencing MSM and NGO mafia funded by anti-national forces.
Seniors within the party must be asked to gracefully retire and not resort to media attention seeking, public attention diverting and religious passion whipping activities.
All religion oriented, I mean every religion oriented, activity must be confined to the four walls of the house preferably room, still better within the individual and that will be a sign of real advancement.
While we have allowed evolution in every sphere of human activity in religion alone, we have cautiously protected with love status quo, of course with certain selective is interpretation of select books or scriptures. This, if you ask any psychologist will tell you is the manifestation of sense of insecurity.
13. All religious leaders must remember that the greatness of religion does not hinge on the number of adherents but in the temper of tolerance towards others, though there is no harm in having more number of adherents. It does not hinge on louder mikes and larger places of worship or even reclaiming historical mistakes with histrionic attacks.
14. Seniors must stop the sabotage
I too was a great admirer of Arun Shourie and I even wrote a short piece on his observations in December 2014 amid the busy music season in Chennai.
Then I have only these quotes from one of my favorite Sufi writer of practical wisdom and leave it for readers to draw their own conclusions.
One thing is certain when men with vision and missionary zeal embark on a task they will succeed despite all the hurdles and that has been one of the few consistent law of lessons drawn from history.
“MAN: Kick him-he'll forgive you. Flatter him-he may or may not see through you. But ignore him and he'll hate you” ― Idries Shah
“Study the assumptions behind your actions. Then study the assumptions behind your assumptions.”
― Idries ShahLearning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way
“If you want to make an ordinary man happy, or think that he is happy, give him money, power, flattery, gifts, honours. If you want to make a wise man happy - improve yourself!” ― Idries ShahReflections
 “It is not important to have said a thing first, or best - or even most interestingly. What is important is to say it on the right occasion.” ― Idries ShahReflections
“You have not forgotten to remember;
You have remembered to forget.
But people can forget to forget. That is just as important as remembering to remember - and generally more practical.” ― Idries ShahReflections
 “Opinion is usually something which people have when they lack comprehensive information.” ― Idries ShahReflections
“A real secret is something which only one person knows.” ― Idries ShahReflections
Inflated egos cannot scream in desperation rather they must gracefully retire and graciously guide the mission of good governance, economic development etc for the sake of posterity.
Neither preening and parading the past glory nor pandering to please all activities can ensure that. Only practical implementation of certain measures can deliver that.
Unfortunately the same Arun Shourie made me write this last week.
15. We need less of these.
India has too many of these and needs to weed them out one by one for real development.
. More critics than performers;
        More media trials than all courts put together;
        More experts than victims or issues;
        More awards than deserving people;
        More political parties than number of constituencies;
        More NGOs working for poor than the number of actual poor people;
        More departments than number of bureaucrats;
        More criminals than police force;
        More companies than products manufactured;
        More news Channels [nuisance channels] than news items;
   Real Swatch Bharath needs to weed out some of these.
   Happy at least in one area there is voluntary cleaning up happening.
16.   Indian media a great filth and greatest danger

Indian media has been dominated by a dangerous breed of  leftover Indian Left who have also incidentally appropriated the label liberal [ a questionable term by itself]; pseudo [whose knowledge is confined to what certain institutes in US of A want to feed]  have appropriated the label intelligentsia; pseudo secularists [ here secularism is anything anti-Hindu and sometimes anti- Christian too because the chopping of a Christian professor's hand did not upset  the concept of secularism].

These worthies have been funded and projected as the official intellectual voice of India by vested interest lobbies, PR mills, political dispensation that ruined India for 6 decades.
Is it not a scam to use public money to sponsor the trips abroad along with PM of UPA of selected private media houses? Why the present Government is not probing into this? 
Anyway the media, most of the English media is anti-India and therefore is not likely to remain without peddling lies, engineering scandals, imputing motives to GOI, interpreting everything to implicate anyone who is not sponsoring them etc.

I have been writing a lot about MSM filth which is a actual malign cancer which impacts the collective psychology of Indian youth.

Though they will be left out gradually like the leftover LEFT or consigned Cong but then the damage would be heavy like it has happened to two great states Kerala and Bengal suffering without industrial development  for 6 decades forcing them to migrate as nurses, laborers,  Tea vendors all over the globe while locally not allowing any company to function.

17.   Indian Intelligentsia what it is?
Indian Intelligentsia -it is an insult toIndia as well as wrong usage of the word Intelligentsia .Unless you have the correct definition you can be always wrong.

These arachnids reporters and paid media people are crawling from cobwebs of
ideologies safely secured in the attics of museum for fossil genetic samples.
Do not label as intelligentsia a group of puerile persons, putrefying propaganda peddlers with petrified ideologies.
At best some of them are academically qualified people misusing the media manifesting their two ailments one verbal diarrhea.
Two irresistible itch to sit on judgment on everyone and everything by resorting to manufacturing information to twisting facts to repeating sensational interpretations etc to suit their opinions which are invariably pre-determined by their pay masters.
So please do not label them as Indian intelligentsia, though unfortunately most popular media houses are infested with these types of creatures. 
18. The whole problem is because we have the liberty to debate about subjects like development, Indian pride etc because of the greater freedom we got in 2014 May.

19.   Arun Jaitley
You cannot grumble about ArunJaitley –part-I and seniors  must show maturity.
I have only one thing to say. Modi has vision, mission and clarity about what are all need to be prioritized but he needs time because all these things involve certain process. 

So called and patriots and seniors who grumble of not being included with some portfolio are making too obvious their hidden intentions, desperation and frustration at 75 plus and pathetically seeking media publicity. Everyone has to realize that there is a dharma of recognition.
One’s father may not be as smart looking as Amitabh, as rich as Ambani, as good a cricketer like Tendulkar but if one is given a choice to invite only one person to his/her in ceremony that person may call only his father even if were a drunkard or even a criminal because he is the father and taken care of him/her when that person did not know even to use the potty.
Similarly for 10 years when UPA was in power only AJ was facing everything as leader of the party in RS and Sushma in LS, can the party or anyone ignore them? 
AJ is never aggressive, never resorts to loose talk on any issue nor indulges in releasing controversial statements.
He sticks to his job, performs silently and maintains his calmness and composure always.

Most importantly AJ neither unnecessarily provokes nor gets provoked.
Showing aggressive enthusiasm, making controversial statements, generating passion whipping pronouncements are lapped up by the galleries of people who identify with such activities but will tarnish or at least effectively exploited to tarnish the image of a nationalist party holding the reins. What these senior worthies and Hindutva promoters were doing all these years.

Did any news channel ever bothered to even find out whether they are dead or alive. Why they don’t realize even for a minute what they are doing is a blatant disservice to the nation building exercise.

20. BJP’ seniors need to understand. It is like this; let us understand when a wife out of concern of her diabetic husband refuses to add sugar to his coffee. As  outsiders if we go and say 'taking sugar for one day is not going to affect his health' it will be pleasing to the man but his diabetic problem will go back to square one and all the great efforts that the wife took will go waste at least to a certain extent.
The way many seniors I do not want to name anyone do not seem to realize that they are contributing to Cong coming back to power, worse still indirectly encouraging the number one anti-national forces operating through MSM.
But for you, your daughter may not have even been born however that does not mean you cannot insist that your grand son's choose his studies, food or music according to your wish.
Ideological outfits must also realize and stop living in a world of utopia that they can establish what they label as dharma can be established over night.

They have to realize that they have been given seats in a boat to sail to an island of dharma.

If they jump too much or drill in joy the boat will capsize or sink and the island will be reclaimed by someone else.

Media likes those who jump in the boat and also provides powerful battery operated drills to those who are interested in drilling the base of the boat.
Seniors' suggestion and advises are welcome by all means but within the party forums or better still directly to those concerned ministers not blabbering in front of media cameras. 

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