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Monday, July 20, 2015

Tradition , Taboos and Menstruation

Every tradition followed either voluntarily as a practice, or due to pressure, or being very much a part of life may have been adopted due to or identified with some religious, political, socio –cultural milieu etc and some aspects of such tradition may have lost their relevance with evolutionary advancement, changed contexts, life styles, scientifically made available newer and multiple options etc.

At such situations trying to vehemently hold on to certain such practices of a tradition must be given up or relooked and there is no harm in doing that.

Let us not perpetuate anything with uncritical love nor prevent anything out of unloving criticism.

Ultimately human beings must realize that they are not only one more species but a dominant species with various advanced faculties compared to other species in nature.

It is therefore preferable that human beings engage in activities which either enhance or promote the progress or improvement or give comfort and pleasure to the body, mind and soul of the individual and others around without causing much harm to others as well as the environment.

This can be followed as a cardinal principle and based on that either decide to continue or give up certain practices and be open to accept suggestions and help that come from any source which contributes to all such enhancements. There is nothing wrong in that.

Several centuries ago probably some of my ancestors were moving around naked covered only with leaves, roamed in the forests hunting for food, when they broke their leg never had any medical help etc.

This has been common to the whole of humanity but haven’t  every individual of human race changed from all that irrespective of  religion or  region, irrespective of who got the credit for all the change and how the change took place etc. why for that matter how all of us have migrated from letter writing to emails.

In the issue of menstruation, lots of taboos are unnecessarily sustained by many societies in many ways. A person undergoing a biological inconvenience is further subjected to lots of unwanted customs and traditions which do not have even an iota of scientific reasoning or humanitarian concern.

Already menstruation is a torrid time to experience let us not torture further with taboos.
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