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Friday, July 3, 2015

Media’s calm after the storm

Media’s calm after the storm

The whole show was pre-planned and planted methodically after Rahul completed his photo shop pictures of dinning with fishermen in the huts [read photo studios] manifesting his condescending grace to  dine with the poor [ who were ensured to remain poor for votes for almost 60+ years by four prime ministers from his family -including his mother -MMS was just a name sake PM] .

These English news channels who get paid by these Congis were also aware that their present pay master Rahul will be again leaving the country [ reasons will be invented by some scholars like Diggy, Mani later on like introspection, interval etc till then let us all please respect media's respect for privacy selectively to SoniaG & fly after publicity of  his meeting with farmers, fishermen etc- this is called now jokingly in media circles as  calm after the storm].

So they had 4 sensational stories all to be initiated by  after gap/ nap Arnab and topped up by Tapper and co . The scripts were ready, the supporting documents were produced.

But unfortunately they could not fully focus as some other news of importance were popping up like Yoga Day [UN does not understand our media's priorities], Digital India [ this PM keeps on doing something to improve the economy and lives of citizens- he also does  not bother about our English news channels’ priorities].

I suggest let all the four English Channels openly rename themselves as UPA channels because their only agenda is supporting Sonia family and being anti-national they are also filled with well indoctrinated team of leftover Indian Leftists.

These media houses manufactured a huge balloon called AAP which is not functioning as per their script. Out of the 4 stories they have used only two. So be ready for the two more. Let there be some suspense. Sensationalism is the stuff journalism; Scandalizing is the spice of media reporting; Times Now focused for three full days three months back its telescopes, microscopes etc on a car of Karnataka BJP president parked under a no parking area but could not find out the whereabouts of its bosses for 56 days away from the country. Incidentally in most cities TOI staff park their vehicles only on the road as their offices do not have parking facilities.

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