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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Social media - its presence and purpose

In places like India it is indeed a boon that social media is there. 

Otherwise the whole popular main stream media is entrenched in die hard leftist ideology that getting to look at happenings from any other perspective will be hard.

Because of social media people across the globe are at least remotely participating or aware of what is going on in the world, otherwise it was a monopoly of media mafia which censored, controlled, endorsed and directed the whole news.

But for social media the world would never know the reality of Greek plight. 

No doubt there are times when we have a overflow of versions of truth, extremism unleashed from various sources under a convenient mask of social media  but the fact of the power and pervasiveness of social media cannot be either wished away or restricted by any means. 

The evolution of social media was a natural outcome to perform the balancing act of checking the peddlers of prescribed, preferred and paid news.

I think time has come to make main stream media realize that more people are more interested in economic developmental activities and progress rather than wasting their time on debates on certain labels which a major section of the media appropriates and diverts attention from real performances and problems. 

Public had enough of the MSM's selective amnesia and collective indifference.

I have written extensively about the misuse of freedom by the MSM. 

Their priorities are based purely  on this selective ideological and paid amnesia are on sensationalism, scandal mongering, and TRP hunting and self publicity of percentage of viewership [so pathetic to see the state to which they have degraded themselves like some politicians]. 

MSM is like GREECE at the mercy of advertisers and sponsors but they cannot perennially misuse and abuse that. Read the below link and also to many other links that it leads to.

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