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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Symbolism and its significance

1. Any symbolism/symbolic gesture is either to make people to become aware of some concept, idea, thought or emphasis the importance of something and motivate people to at least think about it .   
 2. People who cannot understand the importance and difference between symbols and substance they stand for must stop praying to any picture/idol of any God of any religion.         
 3. They must stop celebrating the birthdays and death anniversaries of anyone.   

4. They must remove the photos of their parents or grand- parents because it is after all a photo. 
5. Most importantly handover currency notes that they carry because after all they are paper or credit cards because after all they are plastic cards.                     

6. Environment neither gets protected not destroyed because we celebrate world environment protection day; Love does not pop up or disappear just because we celebrate Valentine's Day; Time does not start or end just because we celebrate New Year’s  Day; Mothers are not manufactured or murdered just because we celebrate Mother's Day. The purpose of all these Mother’s Day and Father’s Day other than the obviously commercial ones is to probably remind us, in our inevitable busy life, the importance of our parents.                                   

7. New Year with a New Realization of Reality 

8. Valentine's Day


 9. UN’s WORLD BOOK and COPYRIGHT DAY 23rd April 2013-Why?

10. UN’s Mother Earth Day April 22nd 2013-Why?

11. Mother’s Day

12.  Parent’s Day

13. Environment Day

14. International Yoga Day

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