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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life-Enjoy it and Live it -no one is a victim

Rid yourself of all your illusions and self-deceptions.  Do not obsess over slights and minor transgressions.  Enjoy the glorious inheritance of hard-won knowledge that you have been given – that we have all been given.  Use it wisely and with compassion.  Contribute to it if you can – there is great honor in trying to do so, even if you fail.  Do not partake of the bile and vomit.  Free yourself of the idiocy of the self-pitying do-nothings, the perpetual victims, and the ungrateful parasites.
Live free for your remaining time – and all of us have but a short time left, as we have from the day we were born.
Live free until you die.”

Very well written, thought provoking and a must read for more than for those spewing in social networking sites to  many in media, politics, religion and economic idea churners , mass opinion molders or belief manufacturers of various hues and shades. Individual opinions, ideas that inundate the social media space must be followed, observed and encouraged because after all they manifest reactions and participation of individuals.

They can at best produce islands of 'micro beliefs  leading to macro behavior' or confirmation bias enhancing group coherence but not homogenizing madness insisting on ignoring variety and marrying  up with specific identity which was what the mass opinion molding and belief manufacturing and marketing domains mentioned above do namely religion, politics, media etc.

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