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Monday, July 13, 2015

Science and Statistics

Let us not shoot the messenger. Science like every other field of human activity has its strengths and weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with science as such.

Its strengths have helped human beings evolve rationally much faster; helped shed many irrelevant superstitions; enhanced the emphasis of empirical evidence over scriptural authority or blind beliefs etc.

It  does not mean that  science has unraveled all that is there to be known, nor is it a panacea for all human problems, nor does it mean that any other means of explaining and discovering life and its activities are wrong etc.

But when science itself clutches on to some not so sound and fool proof means to explain or substantiate its claims; when scientists supply theories purely to support industry and politics and scientific research is subjected to too much of politics then everything needs to be corrected because the whole edifice of modern perception is swayed by scientific approval as a few centuries ago it was religious sanction that held sway.

Science by itself cannot settle disputes with axiomatic certitude it is more useful at unsettling blind beliefs and help humans to explore and experiment with an open mind.


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