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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Narendra Modi-led government needs more time to show results- rightly says Azim Premji

1.    For 67 long years, we, as a nation were planning to plan to perform to a planned short term goals, gains for the selected few.

2.    There has been a late marriage between governance and government after 60 plus years all of us must wait with patience for delivery of the baby called corruption free economic development.

3.    MODI does not bother and need not bother about any one of these people because he is neither bothered about his ego or next election but the economy in the long term. A very important and relevant priority for the nation with so many youth.

4.    Modi prefers national welfare in terms of economic development which can deliver both long term and sustained benefits through well established institutions of governance without room of much manipulations and corruption.

7.    Reality check and unbiased feedback are two most important factors that can polish any manager or leader much more than a team of ‘yes men’ or ‘ideologically glued bunch of operators’ and it becomes all the more important when there are leaders with great visions, mega dreams, creative ideas and an urgency to carry out everything with a missionary zeal.

8.    Such leaders cannot be expected to pay attention to micro details of execution because then they will lose lot of their focus, energy and time in that. But, unfortunately, very often the team does not think or operate at the same wave length as the leader.

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