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Thursday, July 23, 2015

RSS-Note that Modi’s government is going in the direction in performance based, governance oriented and long term economic development focused path.

                            20 point open letter to RSS and BJP because I am part of both
                            and respect RSS and many senior leaders in both BJP and RSS.

1.    We need clarity on contextual relevance and priorities and then carry on our activities based on that.

2.    We need to make foundations strong. Political power and economic empowerment improving the quality of life on all aspects must be the priority and focus on these in the present context than anything else.

3.    So, all interested in the nation’s welfare, especially outfits like RSS, BMS etc must realize that BJP under Modi and team in power is better than Cong & co for India and for themselves. Acknowledge proudly that Modi’s government is going in the direction in performance based, governance oriented and long term economic development focused path.  

4.    Because there has been a late marriage between governance and government after 60 plus years all of us must wait with patience for delivery of the baby called corruption free economic development.

5.    Remember that focusing our energies in ensuring economic development of India as a service is the best incentive and not necessarily any ministerial post.

6.    Also ensure the most important discipline is to discuss differences in appropriate forums rather than in public, media, social media etc.

7.    Enforce on everyone the unwritten rule not to make any irresponsible comments that can be even remotely misinterpreted by the paid media and other such anti-India elements.

8.    Humility to gracefully retire/withdraw from active politics but if possible involve in giving positive guidance to younger generation and groom them within BJP and giving these youngsters prominence as well are more important than going after the blood of certain individuals.

9.    Appeasement of all bigwigs in a big group is difficult and must not hamper activities which are based on vision of prosperous India and Congress Mukt Bharath.

10.We cannot and must not ignore leaders who have represented the party and stood for the party in both the houses of parliament for almost 10 years as opposition leaders facing all the attacks.

11.Don’t try to repeat the mistake of 1979 which made Cong come back to power. I am pained because some outfits are either directly or indirectly responsible for irresponsible AAP coming to power in Delhi.

12.Don’t try to rock the boat of BJP sitting inside just because you think there are some rats or snakes. So, desist from making wild statements about any BJP minister/ member in public.

13.You can directly discuss differences of opinions with concerned authorities within BJP’s many forums. Raise above individual ego fights, in fights, personal animosities and remember everyone however great, intelligent, important etc cannot be accommodated in some government position.

14.Once we are, I am sure we will become, an economic power, and then the whole world will sit up and listen to us. Then we can fill the receptive ears and brains with our great heritage and wisdom and by that time most of the anti-India paid media would also be dead. So, humanity will get to know the good things of India and also benefit from them and in turn we too can benefit from the rest of the world with a broad mind and open heart, unhindered by operators of hidden agenda.

15.Hindu philosophical and ideological concepts need no special marketers because it is about way of life and talks more about art and science of life and living which will eventually get absorbed by many human beings without having to follow any or all rituals or any specific scriptural edicts.

16.No religion or ideology is great because of its numbers but its worthy ideas and tenets which are useful and adoptable for betterment of life.

17.Universal mantras are contextual relevance and everything that provides comfort, convenience; begets benefits and profits; ensures utility, happiness, pleasure etc and evaluating everything or anything based on its inherent attributes/merits and intrinsic value/purpose and most importantly remember that all these are interconnected.

18.Remember if we perform towards economic development and deliver better living conditions for all Indians then we do not need any other publicity or propaganda.

19. Let us remember that success of any venture is because of the sincere performance of all members of the team in appropriate/ different roles. Demanding, clandestinely canvassing for and clamoring for credit and posts must not become part of the culture of RSS or BJP.

20.  Accept that India is diverse in many aspects and as a nation and culture live with and loves that variety. There are many factors which are region specific, activity specific, group or clan attitude specific and trying to expect or enforce uniformity would be repeating the mistake of the West which for centuries together continues conceptualize only homogenizing and thereby exercise control and hegemony in all spheres of life.  

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