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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quotes About Health

Quotes About Health 

The wise eat to satisfy hunger, the foolish eat to satisfy appetite.
Michio Kushi

Yoga and macrobiotics help you grow old youthfully.

Food can bring about healing and wholeness only when you eat the proper food in the proper quantity at the proper time.

Love is the greatest benefactor to health, and the greatest expression of love is to live within the natural order of life.
Carl Ferre

Father, bless this food which re-creates our bodies. May the hearing of your word re-create our souls.
Grace from Mount St. Mary's Abbey

Failure, either in health or affairs, means there has been a lack of self-control.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

The temptation of Adam was in eating, and this is also your temptation until the day of resurrection.
Hasan of Basra

Light eating frees up energy for clear thinking and concentration.

Eat pure foods and you will think pure thoughts and lead a pure life.

What we don't like will not hurt us, but what we do like will.
Michio Kushi

We dig our graves with our own teeth.
Michio Kushi

It is important to consider the amount and kind of activity the individual is engaged in and the amount of food consumed relative to individual requirements. Even the most nutritious food, prepared in the best manner, can produce undesirable effects if more is eaten than neccessary.
William Tara

VITALITY - All the energy needed to accomplish that which is desired.
GOOD APPETITE - Not only for food, but for life itself, which can be satisfied without extravagance.
DEEP AND PEACEFUL SLEEP - To be fully rested with no more than six hours of sleep in a day.
GOOD MEMORY - Which is a reflection of the harmonious functioning of the nervous system and its capacity to recall past experiences and events as instruction for the future.
GOOD HUMOR - A capacity to appreciate the paradoxical qualities of life and not to cling to unpleasant experiences.
MOOD OF JUSTICE - A deep appreciation of the order of Nature and an understanding of cause and effect; the capacity to see long-range results of our daily actions.

Every illness is a musical problem, and every cure has a musical solution.

Enthusiasm is a vital force that energizes all the forces of your mind and body.

In assesing what we receive from the environement around us, it is important to note that everything we come in contact with can be considered "food". The definition of food is far too limited if we consider only what goes into our mouths. When we expand the definition of food, we see that all types of sensory information have the potential to be either productive or destructive. However, by placing emphasis on the more basic end of the scale, physical nourishment, we are accknowledging that there is a sequence and order in our ability to use that which the environement offers us toward our own evolution and understanding. In a very real sense, we are eating the world. We are absorbing and assimilating ever-broadening spectrums of information. A healthy person will have learned what types of food productively serve their development, and what types produce stagnation and degeneration. They are constantly seeking wider experience by placing themselves in exciting and unique situations, so that they can more effectively and more deeply understand the wonders of life. This process is served best by a high degree of physical vitality and adaptability -- health.
William Tara

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