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Thursday, August 1, 2013


Minute Understanding Of Sound In Creation.

An interesting exercise - think of five songs you really like. Can you explain why you like them or what is in common with all of them? Can you 'explain' and define your musical taste? 

Unfortunately, however much analysis one does, in terms of frequencies and so forth, it finally boils down to psychological factors when it comes to music and taste.

Analysis is merely a tool to understand some of its structure. It can never explain why some musical sounds are deemed 'romantic' or 'harsh' or why some Ragam is an evening Ragam (if you believe in such things). Such mysteries about music will continue however much we try to analyze and understand because the mystery of music is that it is not only carried from your ear to your brain; it is not merely vibrated from the vocal chords or the strings of an instrument; its appeal is not merely based on the contents of the lyrics, or the language of the song; it is not merely based on the patterns of sound structures with its pauses, stresses, silences and melodies.

That’s why even the most illiterate fellow who cannot even talk in his mother tongue sings songs in unknown languages with passion and joy. People listen to songs in totally unknown languages, un understandable lyrics and unmindful of any technical knowledge.

Music is one among the many activities in life [if we observe closely without any preconception or cultural or religious bias] which very easily conveys that we are made of some stuff , beyond our physical body, intellectual capabilities and our senses-based emotional entity, called spirits which make us engage in and enjoy such activities. It is not a matter of belief but a material for the realization of reality that we have a dimension of life beyond our body and mind.

When the vibration of the spirit is in tune with the frequency of vibrations produced by the music and it could include any of its components like its lyrics, language, melody of sounds, harmony of sounds, the marvelous architecture of its simple or intricate sound patterns, charm of the language, the beautiful phonetics of its language or all of these then music appeals to the soul.

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