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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nature's Marvels

Nature has always been imbued with marvels and mysteries but we come to know of it only very slowly 

 for knowing about many marvels of nature from millions of years back and their interconnection and contribution to human life and the interconnections and interdependence of all these along with spiritual aspect of life too all of you may read THE SEVEN MYSTERIES OF LIFE' by GUY MURCHIE explains very nicely, scientifically and philosophically the wisdom as experienced by enlightened souls
and as proven by scientific experiments by great scientists.

I would equate this book with any great scripture of the world but a scripture for the educated people, for the intellectually advanced souls and the scientifically probing minds.

It is a very essential book for anyone who is interested in understanding and learning about life in its totality without any prejudice or conditioning either religious or social or cultural or ideological, but based on pure facts as they are.

Any education or academic qualification with a reading of this book would enhance the understanding of the subject better through the very broad approaches it makes in to any area of life.

It is so unique that it beats many encyclopedias in information; it surpasses many scriptures in its wisdom and overwhelms everyone with its interpretation and as for language it is marvelously poetic.

Every page of this book is a gem here is one page as sample:-
” All living organisms, along with all the minerals on the surface of the Earth, compose one giant integrated system that, as a whole, controls its behaviour so as to survive. And so do galaxies. After all, we are made of star dust. Life is inherent in nature.
Who runs an ant colony? How do ants decide to move their nest somewhere else? It is the interaction among the individuals: some ants carry eggs and food to the new nest, some ants carry them back, and eventually one of the two competing population prevails; bees of a beehive communicate (at least as far as directing their fellow bees to food) with a language which is made of dance steps (including sounds and smells). An ant colony or a beehive behaves like an organism with its own mind: a beehive metabolizes, has a cognitive life (makes decisions), acts (it can move, attack) and so forth.

If winds are the spirit of the sky's ocean, the clouds are the texture. There is easily the most uninhibited dominion of the earth. Nothing in physical shape is too fantastic for them. They can be round as apples or as fine as string, as dense as a jungle, as wispy as a whiff of down, as mild as puddle water or as potent as the belch of a volcano. Some are thunderous anvils formed by violent up drafts from the warm earth. Some are ragged coattails of storms that have passed. Some are stagnant blankets of warm air resting on cold. I have seen clouds in the dawn that looked like a pink Sultan with his pale harem maidens and a yellow slob of eunuch lolling impotent in the background.”

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