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Friday, March 1, 2019

Word usage

Words in all languages, at many places, in various contexts and on several topics are cleverly used  and misused to set a narrative or inject a particular idea or extrapolate an ideology.

This is the reason words wind through myriad paths and acquire a huge carapace of connotations at every juncture. 
However, fortunately or unfortunately,  words are impregnated with not only meanings but move with masks of many intentions.
It is very unfortunate , if we extricate words out of context and the specific cultural milieu in which they have evolved and try to use them superficially and carelessly to refer to something either over generalized or over simplified.
Most words are unfortunately misused like this.
Telesis [n. the intelligent direction of effort toward the achievement of an end] decides the curve of articulation and the nature of vocabulary used.

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