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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Global Media and left

75% of global media is Left leaning and self proclaiming socialists who appropriate labels of rationalists, intellectuals, scholars etc.
The real educated scholars and intellects have remained indifferent for more than a century.

The reactions come mostly from the Rights and hard-core  orthodox and traditionalists ( the later two, in almost many spheres have reached their expiry date in terms of many practices) and hence the Left dominant media mafia goes about nicely nudging narratives based on its ideology infused extrapolations. They are masters at setting slogans and notching in narratives.

Only counter narratives with total rationalism, sheer economic might and unbridled use of  government machinery to curb ( euphemism for imposing  political power) can keep at bay this mafia. 

For example can any NY journalist report anything against govt policies of SG or China.

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