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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why politicians and business promoters are more popular and important?

Why politicians and business promoters are more popular and important?

Political leaders and business promoters in general [not all] fearlessly create new ecosystems or boldly adopt social inventions to provide better living conditions.

Both provide the necessary and vital value addition [vital to any product or state of of anything] to society, probably in some cases the trade off [this is where we  distinguish between better and bad politician or business person] they extract or take away for doing this may be too much or too disproportionate. 

What makes political leaders and practical clever business promoters to be seen as more successful, prosperous and vested with powers to decide many things than scientists, sports persons, artists, bureaucrats etc?

What makes them a cut above the rest, I mean other professionals?

While all professionals are part of or participate in some existing eco system or institution:- if someone is a teacher that person  works in a school, a doctor either in hospital or has his/her own clinic, a lawyer plays his/her part in a court, a farmer in his/her field, a sports person in his/her sports etc.

Along with the necessity for certain ecosystems emerged the necessity of some fearless leaders and intelligent people to create such eco systems.

Political leaders and business promoters are those fearless leaders who create such ecosystems and that’s why they are important.

The world has undergone drastic and dramatic changes in almost all realms.

When it is so, to remain fatalistic and idle, thinking that things will work out for good or benefit all without making any effort to ensure to make things happen will be just hypocritical and hallow claim.
Everything that is easy, favorable and positive to us need not be always the best for all and it may not even happen.

Most bureaucrats are struck in old school of thinking that things will and must go according to their script or existing templates, it need not and won’t in most cases.

Drivers think only like drivers; professionals think only like professionals [respective professionals, be they in finance, in law, in marketing etc].

Progress, expertise and updating are not in merely focusing on old templates and getting fettered or getting frozen in perspectives that are out of tune with the developments all around and not factoring in overall scheme of multitude of things that are interconnected, interrelated and inter dependent.
While everyone is entitled to and may be right in their own way to whatever view they have, those views need not necessarily be correct or in the interest of growth .

Social systems have gone through a sea change due to various factors: - predominant among them being economic activities [I am not even saying developmental activities] and use of user friendly technology.

These two have a huge impact on both the individual as well as society.

Some examples;-

Initially, a farmer was tilling the soil for feeding himself and then to feed his family, then he tagged a price when he gave the produce to others so that he could use that money to buy his clothes and furniture etc.

However, these types of slow and very gradual incremental growth could not enhance wealth or welfare of either the individual or the society.

This involved multiple experiments in social engineering using the wisdom of religious leaders, philosophers, and real scholars, lessons from history, scientific study and optimum and newer forms of utilization of natural resources, use of technology from ploughs to planes or from mowers to mobile phones.

At individual level the aspirations of everyone grew to make life more comfortable and pleasurable but everyone did not have the luxury or the capability to have access to most of the comforts of life that technology provided.

So, a system of lending and borrowing evolved at individual level to buy things that made a person’s life more comfortable like buying bikes, cars to television sets to houses and apartments through loans which enabled one to enjoy the benefits of most comforts with deferred payment options for those comforts in installments to lenders; similarly business houses had to resort to borrowing to scale up their operations and services with deferred payment options.

Political leaders, most of whom have natural knack of quick and intuitive decision making, boldly created conducive systems and structures to cater to these new financial requirements and started working on social welfare beyond and besides religious dictates and traditions and all other forms of conservative caves and started prioritizing  economics as a vital tool of social engineering and to do these an army business leaders and entrepreneurs took calculated risks to reap certain and also pass on the benefits to larger segments of humanity.

Otherwise, humanity steeped in conservative caves and being aware of all the luxuries of life in the world outside would have plunged into chaos and criminal activities.

That’s why chaos and crimes are relatively more in those countries which are economically backward and also in places where the disparity deprives many of even the basic necessities of life.

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