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Friday, March 1, 2019

Sentiments, regulations, and scientific documentation

Sir I have read all the books of Erich von Daniken's series of ' Chariots of Gods'. I had them as cherished collection.

Some people even managed to organise a lecture of him at Sanskrit college Chennai in the early 80s which I attended with childlike curiosity and rapt attention.

However, later on, I felt in the absence of ( for whatever reason) any properly and scientifically documented evidence it becomes difficult to vouch for the veracity or even probability of anything.

We as a nation of cultural entity are backed by glorious past and proud ancestry and that sustains our hope in future.

There is an inherent sense of conscious responsibility at least among majority of individuals within families in our nation and we are held more by the glue of certain value systems which have been slightly corroded here and there, but, fortunately, not fully wiped out.

We need to subtly convey the necessity for opting for sensible approaches with sense of balance rather than hyper sentimental outrages or over sermonizing social justifications.

Recently, someone gave me a very blunt and brash examples to emphasize the role of both i.e. exaggerated sentimentalism and excessive regulation.

That person said sentiment must be like underwear meant to be inside to cover or protect something more vital and it should not get exposed or start exhibiting itself too much.

On regulation, he said if the rule says that when the ball thrown by a fielder hits the stump the person outside the crease must go back to the pavilion but that cannot be applied to the umpire just because he too happens to run to avoid getting hurt and stands outside the crease.

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