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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Learning -The art and science of Learning

The art and science of Learning

A westerner asked me once why you Indians celebrate too many festivals.

He asked me to explain in a way that he can easily understand and convey to his children too "What is Vijayadasami?"

I said it is a sort acknowledging, accepting and celebrating the 'Concept of Learning the art and science of Learning'.

Learning about life in all its splendor and living a life of learning with all its aspects through various symbolic ways and different ways of worship etc.

A sort of Valentine's Day for Learning. The romance of learning.
Vijaya Dasami

I have read even one interpretation of Rigveda by a well known scientist and a great follower of Shri Aurobindo wherein he writes Saraswathi refers symbolically to the physiological flow of fluids in brain which contribute to the abilities of perception.

So, let us try to learn humbly from the works of scholars something about brain, mind and human limitation of using them and the limitations of intellect itself to understand, interpret and determine everything concerned with human life as a whole.

The greatest paradox is human mind is capable of exploring, experimenting and executing extraordinary things  and at the same time is also incapable of dealing with very ordinary things.

The following links which I wrote and some reproduced at different times throw light on the various facets of the working of human brain.

Learning starts out of curiosity; saunters through imitation and limitation; steps into conscious observation and stops to savor into expressing whatever is learnt through some medium and in some way.

Ironically the very process of excessive spawning of multitude of expressions through Social media throws up enormous variety which extinguish over simplification and over generalization and renders orchestration of mass opinion ineffective.

Though all opinions emanating from or through social media need not be sane or sublime but nonetheless gives room for everyone to express what they want and that is perhaps the very reason for its popularity.

I believe in and relish gathering knowledge and learn  from sources emanating from a wide spectrum of individuals some internationally renowned spiritual leaders, scientists, unsung and unnoticed heroes, because I  follow many things and put them all in the cauldron of desultory hobbies whose contents and ingredients change with every dawn as they have weakness of enjoying many wonderful things that life offers, the many colors and fragrance of multiple splendor of nature like the butterfly that hops from flower to flower and like the butter fly they do play a very important role in evolution of life.

" God is UNITY but always works in VARIETY" RALPH W.EMERSON

The criticisms and suggestions that we encounter may be very nice and useful but unfortunately not implementable in all regions or societies, especially weaning away some of them from  entrenched  religious doctrine oriented traditions and excessive adoration of the past etc.

As proposing and penetration of new ideas and systems becomes tougher in terrains occupied by luddites of various hues and colors like status quo addicts, confirmation bias admirers and venerators of their own past tinged with inherent insecure xenophobic reactions.

But sooner or later the inevitable changes will inundate life as a part of evolution beyond and despite all resistances.

We should welcome articles in the realms of socio-political economics into categories like the unexplored, worth exploring and the unknown to bring in a big pool of idea bank from which the administrators can choose their cup of tea.

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