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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Calm observation

                             Calm observation

We all need at least once a day ( preferably in the early morning before our routines and reminders occupy our mind space) a calm observation of our consciousness and a conscious observation of our inner self to freely flow into the ocean of unbiased attention.

Then, gradually we must practice to fine tune our internal PA ( Perspective and Attitude) and encounter with conscious awareness the external world with an intention to create a synergy among various frequencies and vibrations to generate a vibration of harmony.

This  process must be carried out with total intensity and intense totality ( durations and narrations do not matter much then).

We may call it meditation, prayer, or self appraisal or attempt to understand our significant contribution for the day or we may call it by whatever terminology that appeal to us.

But one thing is clear that this activity refreshes us psychologically.

All may not have the luxury of relaxing in calmness in the morning.

It does not matter when we slip into that calmness, but it is preferable that we do so any time of the day at least for a brief duration.

I wrote an article for World Peace Foundation in Australia some 12 years back which got published in some journals and they also gave me some certificates etc and asked me to verbally and visually present it in a single slide for pre college students and they followed it by asking me to write about unity.

Then I put forth the practical hurdles involved in creating unity and the myriad manifestations and inherent hindrances or factors which prevent a conducive atmosphere for unity, harmony and peace.

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