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Sunday, November 11, 2018

How do we talk to ourselves when no one is listening?

Slowly and surely emerging inevitable trends and terms of life may have to necessarily become comprehensive and more inclusive.

Besides, certain aspects of all the following domains economics, religions, castes, races , politics may be required to either totally shed or reduce the degree of intensity with which those aspects are insisted upon or enforced.

This is required as an inevitable process of sophistication or progressive civilization enabling happy and peaceful cohabitation of human beings and other species.

  How do we talk to ourselves when no one is listening? 

Are our words kind, patient, compassionate and accepting? 

If this is not how we speak to our self,  we are doing a disservice. 

Remember the loudest and most important voice is our own: it is the closest to our ear emerging from the pectoral palace [heart] . 

Let us pay attention to our whispers; they will manifest in our life. Become our biggest cheerleader or catalytic agent or catastrophic chemical.

Whether we call it inner voice or manifestation of  internalized responses to life outside based on our own acquired and assiduously developed WRAP.

Ways of 
Relating with things and persons based on our 
Attitudes and

This is precisely the reason why we must carefully cultivate our attitudes and perspectives  purely based on rationalism and humanitarianism because the aspects of life that we can tune in and control are only through them, even our emotions are vulnerable.

All other faculties like ability to tune in with intuition, esoteric and spiritual dimensions seem fuzzy and/ or imaginary purely because they are beyond the realm of most of our common modes of perception;  Besides they elude radar of universally comprehensible mode of communication.

Probably some of us either knowingly or unknowingly may be graced with such faculties which are a great boon or bonus, albeit not accepted and much less understood by others.

Those  who have such advanced faculties have another difficulty that they cannot easily convey or communicate their unique or not- so- common- faculty- based perceptions through existing methods of communication that the human brain can process.

This is the case  even with some emotions wherein we fail to tune in to the relevant or correct frequencies and contexts hence end up failing to understand others' feelings and end up with lack of compatibility.

These are labeled in various ways like the vociferous minority and the voiceless majority bla bla. 

"There are two kinds of people who monopolize conversation: those who like the sound of their own voice and those who don't know how their voice sounds like"-G.K.Chesterton

With all due respects to great authors like G.K.C again their pun, pessimism, perspective, perception, prescription are all addressed to externalities like conversation and communication which are mere manifestation of comprehension.

Whereas, the compatibility that we need must be preferably based on such a comprehension without even a necessity of any communication.

This is called as communion in certain domains considered as lofty and at mundane life as compatibility or understanding. 

It is like when a baby is either whimpering in a muted tone or crying loud we must attend to it to know what the discomfort or demand or protest that the baby wants to convey.

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