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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fanaticism and Nationalism

Fanaticism and Nationalism

Fanatics cannot fight a foreign funded fool.
He has been made to know what he is doing.
Being foreign funded fool with an idiotic and skewed mentality to extrapolate everything to some predetermined ideology he knows only to carry on doing what he does.

Fanatics carry their liking to lunatic levels in any field and exhibit hatred through hyper hysterical reactions.

In some cases, actually ignoring or being indifferent can yield better results.

The  ideology which secretes such chaps petrifies sense by freezing the perception into rock solid fixation; putrefies everything through their perspective and pollutes everything through a puerile extrapolation of the ideology that excreted them on everything from physical to psychological to cultural contexts.

Only thing that this ideology secretion industry has not secreted is anatomy specialists.

Otherwise, such an anatomist would in his  hyped sense of concern for equality may say ( either for or without Magsaysay award), 'why only cover vital organs- aren't then eyes, nose , mouth etc vital. If so cover everything and suffocate or leave everything naked'.

Nationhood is a creation for facilitating cohabitation based on  shared identity -oriented unification with common and collective aspirations and not mere imagination.

Countries are geographical classifications with real estate boundaries but nationhood is a common identity.

Whether all these are necessary or correct or justifiable are all debatable.

But to resort to over philosophizing with over generalization and over simplification is merely idealistic and doing it selectively only to nationalism is hypocritical.

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