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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Joy of living consists in wholesome package of life

But it depends a lot on what parameters and factors the survey uses.

Life is not only about jobs, comforts, money.

Joy of living, the pleasure of leisure, enormous freedom of expression and freedom to pursue any activity not necessarily illegal or immoral but beyond the purview of legal frame work, enough people around to interact without inhibitions, common cultural bonds, happy moments, good and varieties of climatic conditions, less monitoring and less policing, healthy competition and some space for dissent, devoid of suffocating controls, affordable cost of living and available means of living for people from various strata of population  etc.

I think we cannot talk high of a country which is a well constructed glorified mall with some specified animal and bird zones like zoos and bird parks, shopping centers, recreation parks with only a port, trading and high value financial institutions alone.

Often some of these data are interesting, useful and worth comparing to improve on certain aspects.

However,  often these statistics are also like a lady in a swimming suit what they reveal may be interesting but they conceal may be vital.

For example in the name of  security one cannot individual liberty to do what he wants when he wants without harming others and carrying with joy the happiness the way he wants.

Hyper reactive, hyper sensitive and paranoid prevention of certain activities is pathetic. For example one nation a father or mother cannot bathe his or her own child of 4 years. another nation you cannot use mixies to grind anything inside your house ( where the nearest neighbor is 300 meters away) after 6 p.m. So, you cannot have sabhjis and chutni, another country you cannot look into the eyes of a person and talk, another country one cannot eat during a particular month during day time.

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