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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Nationalism and Globalism manifest synergy

Vested interest groups and status quo addicts use a team of mass opinion molders to propagate some ideology or agenda through media who have ensured to oversimplify the wide spectrum and great variety of life in all aspects life.

They do this by trying to limit or to curtail human perception through channelize debates into dichotomies of various hues according to the issues, individuals, institutions and domain like Left versus Right, Religion versus Science, Tradition versus Modernism, Capitalism versus Communism and so on .

Why it need not be  'this versus that'? Why can't it be  'this and that'?

Nationalism and Globalism manifest synergy

I would suggest everyone to listen to this excellent talk worth listening and very timely and a must listen .

The  perspective of  viewing the world as two opposing binaries is skewed up and spews out too many disagreements  which end up as 'this versus that' rather 'this and that' which happens  when the perspective becomes broader when binaries become bridges.

Life is not filled with  paradoxes but it is full of  polarity principle which is intrinsically interwoven.

I had written on many topics about this polarity principle.

I have always  believed in proud nationalism and  pursuit of global perspective as inevitable twins.

Here are some of the articles that I have written on

Nationalism, Globalism  and  Polarity principle.


Why media mafia  spews  venom on nationalism to appropriate a presumptive inflated intellectual image.

Synergy to become a global citizen

If we observe the evolution of human societies and civilization all positive growth has happened only after or when human beings started recognizing, realizing, reciprocating and respecting people, cultures, things, arts, events happening in their own backyard and also other places and understanding that all are inter related or inter connected with or without liking it and either with willing acceptance or not.
Even every fence defines and demarcates a territory but acts as a connection.

Polarity principle

It is all about 'and' not 'versus'

The bandwidth of dissent itself can be much larger and more saner.

DISSENT need not necessarily mean

Disseminating differences disproportionately

Internationalize or internalize for

Sensationalizing and scandalizing to

Social engineer selectively by

Exaggerations and extrapolations through

Nuanced and new found

Terminological terrorism as a trend.

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