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Friday, October 12, 2018


Pahimaanshrirajarajeswari. kirubakari shankari...

What a composition in a wonderful raga.

I am on a long drive.

One must listen to Semmangudi's rendering of this. I am doing now in bits and pieces.

It was real pleasure listening to him in the early 80s .

Most concerts he will start with this song or 'brochevarevare raghupathe' and it was when he started rendering more with vocal chord and less of nasal tones.

However, he will make the bhavam sink into the listener.

The swarams are imbued with a well carved resonance like a gold chain with glittering facets at every link woven beautifully and this is best displayed in a combination of mucus filled husky voice and half nasal tones.

First listen to Semmangudi in the link and then listen to the rest. Then, you may agree with me.

For comparative analysis

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