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Friday, October 12, 2018

Why all of us too

Why  #all of us too
Waste too much of time on negativity and  selectively  resort to either justifying, defending or vilifying some?

Why  #all of us too
Contribute too much  to controversies , conflicts , confrontations and crowding media and social media space
Who or what decides or how do we defines what or  who is dirty or clean?

There are dirty aspects in the journey of everything, every aspect and everyone's life?

There are lot of dirty things in global economics, environment and ethical values in present  day politics.

Money that rules the world how much of it is dirty or clean?
Who knows what and how can anyone  define it ?

In the larger scheme of things virtues, vices, failures, mistakes , faults are all part and parcel of  evolution.

Life as whole evolves or emerges matured and civilized by putting aside the dirty past  but building on pride of ancestry; acknowledging problems but  parading  through the present pleasantly; leaving out the luddites but progress with a sense of responsibility towards posterity and move  ahead flamboyantly into the future with contextually relevant values and certain time tested value systems.

Let us not allow anything or anyone that may not synchronize or synergize with our disposition or position to obsessively occupy our mind space or  use as a trade off  for our time and energy and other resources.
It  is a better option that will enable us to move into the territory of peace with positive vibrations rather than sink in the swamp of negative vibes with which we are  surrounded by media space.

Becoming clean is a conscious adaptation or a sign of maturity or a providential lack of  opportunity or a responsible choice.

None of the above are suggestions to remain passive spectator s or impassive indifferent individuals.

React we must to rectify what we feel is not healthy in the interest of  humanity and environment, but hyper reactions and  obsessive occupation with negativity  may be avoided.
If physical violence can harm  the body, then the constant peddling of negativity and victim hood harms both individual and social psychology.  

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