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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Biggest threat to the world is the terminological terrorism of MSM

Biggest threat to the world is the terminological terrorism of MSM

Biggest threat to the world is not global warming, not terrorism but the terminological terrorism by MSM ( Main Stream Media)

In general, many words, especially that are abstract terms and those used in the realm of emotions, religion and those used in the corridors of political discourse accumulate a huge carapace of connotations over their denotation that this evolutionary trend may end up even burying the original meaning of word.

Coming to specifically socio political terms ( jargons should I say) are so freely used and misused that what is perceived as a lofty terminology is, often, appropriated and/or assigned according to who the beneficiary or the victim.

Now this self appointed champions of verbal industry, the popular media, is engaged in this game that in its enthusiasm to project as mass opinion communicators ( actually playing the role of mass opinion molding factories) are doing a great disservice to society of youth, leaving posterity in confusion through ( nuanced misuse of meanings) that future generation may not be able to understand the meaning of any issue, individual or context as the nicely worded opinions, agendas, prejudices would be masking the facts.

Actually, words do not have ownership nor are there globally accepted authorities to arbitrate on any linguistic debates. So, it has more or less become a free for all, where the seasoned, skilled but crooked media chaps misuse to the hilt through their platforms media houses at the behest of their pay masters to portray as they wish.

The misuse of any platform or medium by a selected few for their vested interests reaches a saturation point may gradually vanish in relevance or relative attention and importance the majority give to it in the long run as has happened to the influence of Roman empire and its sectarian religious edicts in Europe.

So, it is high time that globally media houses exercise some self restraint instead of exaggerations and provocations for sensationalism.

Really civilized and intelligent people must provide hope albeit acknowledging differences and divisions ( not mere exaggerate them to create animosity or use it for peddling victimhood) but generate synergy and synthesis to pick positive aspects to create possibility of unity among at our species, human beings.

Biggest unaddressed silent threat to humanity is not global warming not terrorism but Main Stream Media which dumps so much of negativity in most parts of the world that if any organization can quantify the time, money, energy, resources, negative sociopsychological and emotional impact then the loss would be much more than those collectively caused by wars and natural calamities.

The bandwidth of dissent itself can be much larger and more saner.
DISSENT need not necessarily mean
Disseminating differences disproportionately
Internationalize or internalize for
Sensationalizing and scandalizing to
Social engineer selectively by
Exaggerations and extrapolations through
Nuanced and new found
Terminological terrorism as a trend.

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