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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Silence of the mind

Silence of the mind is the most difficult thing!

Silence could also be an indication of passive acceptance or arrogant or ignorant indifference.

Let's take life easy. Why try too many difficult things? 

Mind is meant to listen, learn and express and meant to be silent only at intervals not forced to be silent. 

Sometimes, too much of silence may be viewed as being subdued or passive.

A whole nation was forced into excessive and sometimes forced mental silence as meditation in the name of religion and now they are almost losing their very identity as a nation, I mean Tibet.

Too much of noise or aggression are also bad.

Coming back to misconceptions like level of difficult, self inflicted suffering or torture as an offering of sacrifice etc are at best unwarranted remnants of very ancient belief systems and do not necessarily bestow any goodness or greatness to the practitioners.

It obvious that merely because many follow them, those practices by themselves do not carry any intrinsic value either to the individual or to the society.

Just because being awake 24 hrs is difficult it does not mean it is good for health. Similar is fasting 24 hrs or eating 24 hrs or controlling urination 24 hrs. 

Mind and mouth are tools of  creations by nature meant to express and not to be silent.

Silence of the mind may be difficult for normal mortals but not for meditating saints or patients in coma or those fully drunk or drugged.

Human life  predominantly revolves around repetitions, recreations and reactions.

All the three Rs indicate active participation rather than passive reception (which is a virtue of the innocent and sometimes that of the ignorant).

But a silent mind is a necessity for listening and learning.

Silent mind can also be an irritating symptom of indifference as over noisy reaction is an irresistible manifestation of intolerance.

However, normal reactions and criticisms, go on to improve or at least effect a change in the outcome

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