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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Global perspective over xenophobic exclusion

Global perspective over xenophobic exclusion

We are all living and sharing a single planet called Earth ( this name itself is wrong because of human centric view when more than 70% of this planet is water and not earth).

Besides, the world is becoming more beautiful and enjoyable because of it is becoming more and more easily interconnected.

This interconnectivity enables cross cultural awareness and the inherent quality and beauty of various cultures.

There are certain or perhaps many inevitable positives like interrelationships, interdependence and interconnectivity.

This being the case any group or nation or instituttion or individual who refuses to be part of this great evolutionary opportunity and instead chooses to remain in isolation and exclusion in the cocoon of either ethno centric or egocentric or ecocentric pride will be defenitely a great loser.

While everyone has a right to venerate and value one's traditions and heritage it does not mean one has to resort to any sort of phobic protectionism and block and protest against every emerging trend.

After all evolutionary trends in every domain and the trajectory of nature's course do not care for anybody's opinions or reactions or ideas.

So, let all of us stop over zealous xenophobic reactions and aversions.

Instead let us accept the existence of differences and adopt and assimilate whatever suits us.

Let us all remember that we are living in 21st Century and not 11th century.

We use and live in the luxury of all evolved scientific, logical and technological utilities which do not belong to any single nation or region or religion or culture but to the whole of humanity.

It would be utter hypocrisy and immaturity to object to anything based on any extraneous identity.

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