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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ideology based identity homogenization

Ideology based identity homogenization - its foundation and fallibility.

Social Media is just one more new tool in this operation.

Social Media's active right wing or left wing groups follow every event like investigative agencies and pass them on.

But then my fear is they tend to wallow in confirmation bias and mutual admiration with a simmering competitive jealousy too which sometimes becomes obvious through criticisms.

This process has many positive outcomes but susceptible and very often vulnerable to one failure which may be lurking round the corner.

This is the failure to take into account all other sorts of activities that are happening outside the radar of these groups with well orchestrated diplomatic and appealing execution of hidden agenda.

For example some erudite interpretation of certain ideologies or scriptures etc..

It is actually worth admiring such interpretation and erudition, rightly so.

But then the problem arises when there is hardly any similar reciprocatory gestures from other dispensations.

The socio-political enemies are always visible but then the social engineering cultural crusaders are deceptive.

We need an army of decent, non vociferous, diplomatic, clandestine operators to counter this.

Some groups have done it more effectively than others in countering such cultural invasions.

There is subtle art of invading the mind space ; then the emotional appeal to heart simultaneously assuaging the needs of material comforts and assuring that one is capable of giving the recipients some sense of social security and cultural continuity.

This is where the elements of appropriating and assimilating mainstream cultures and traditions take place on one side while provoking the elites of that very culture leading to let the irritation boil over so that such justifiable irritations can subsequently be portrayed as intolerance.

Simple observation is that anyone or any group which wants to consolidate and to increase the number of followers with certain ideas-based or ideologies-based identity, then, there are certain processes that must be followed; chief among them being institutionalizing the ideologies followed by incentives to venerate and propagate those ideologies.

The main ingredients of the propaganda or brainwashing material must be ensconced between normal emotional and humane feelings ( with all concomitant factors of entertainment and activities that evoke spontaneous interest) on one side and posturing of great humanitarian and social concerns on another side with a facade of fine tuned fortification of frequencies synchronizing with all the average human fallibility ( this requires fabrication of concepts, hypothetical situations that generate phobias and logical fallacies, at all times ensuring that no in depth intellectual analyses interferes in the process of this high voltage, vibrant and hysterical herdish homogenization process).

Once ensconced on the sides and the facade fortified the hidden agenda works behind.

This is a over simplified and generic version template of many successful religious and political movements and outfits with nuanced variations according to contexts and regions.

Most important aspect being there must be at least a dozen souls that must operate with involvement and conviction in the ideologies.

Ultimately, there would be many who may internalize those ideologies to such an extent that those indoctrinated ideologies become almost a second nature and start obsessively extrapolating those ideologies almost on all domains of life.

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