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Sunday, July 22, 2018

No one can be a master at everything

Can anyone ever claim comprehensive comprehension with clarity on any issue considering that there are multiple possible factors to be considered with many frames of references, all of which in turn get churned up in the cauldrons of concomitant contextual relevance and the interactions of inherent attributes of the issues, events or things evaluated along with the kirn-staff or churning stick of individual's interpretation based on his or her attitude and perspective.

I sometimes wonder on what basis  mortal human beings use such terms like always ( probably a convenient synonym for in 'most circumstances presumably'); how come a temporary life span and limitations of knowledge talk of ' absolute' ( probably indicating most likely according to the narrator); everything ( probably the range of things one construes to be complete) and so on.

Here I am sharing just some parts of the preface and introduction to a wonderful book which I read after reading a very scathing review of it by another scholar.

Human intellect can churn, scrutinize, evaluate, criticize and keep on drilling deeper or mentally go on scratching like it does to an itching sensation physically.

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