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Sunday, July 29, 2018

outrage epidemic

                                      Outrage epidemic

1. We all, especially those in media business and those who are news hungry must reconcile to the fact that news, information, data etc are mostly aggregated and so  no one can be either held responsible nor claim ownership nor can anyone exercise absolute control over them 

2. With technological advancement and a relatively better informed society opinion molding or opinion generating is also no more a patented and exclusive service.

3. Once upon a time, perhaps even a generation ago, knowledge was the preserve of a few who had accessibility to it.

4. Now it is all changed. Anyone and everyone with accessibility to technology ( which means almost at least 60% of adult population ) can have acccessibility to knowledge and information ( not to be confused with either better understanding or application) and are at liberty to express and exchange their views.

5. The larder has a collection which is too vast, uncategorized and thrive despite all sorts of entropy, trends, tastes and so on.

6. This outrage epidemic is the  manifestation of individual disagreements and disenchantment that have always existed but has become easily collective and inflated and exaggerated due to technological tools that are available now..

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