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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Seek meanings and enable better understanding

Seek meanings and enable better understanding 

1. Too many issues are involved and all of them are claims and counter claims.

2. Modern, and I would say rational approach requires documented evidence to authenticate claims.

3. In a sense certain very ancient cultures like India, China, Iran which are much admired and looked upon with awe by the whole world do not have well documented and recorded proofs for certain aspects.

4. However, every now and then there pops up evidences in the form of archaeological findings and new interpretation of ancients scriptures, references in some ancient literature etc.

5. But then the world is entrenched in a certain specific versions of facts and history which have been offered as templates of reality and accepted tradition. It becomes hard to reverse this  trend  even with hard  facts with proofs.

6. These versions have been further reinforced with the concomitant perspectives and frames of reference well tuned to selectively enhance them.

7. Besides, in a way every one knows that everything that is known or knowable existed or exists somewhere.

8. However, they get discovered or revealed or made known to the whole world through some medium at certain times in a form and structure that is understandable to many and start getting noticed by many.

9. Was gravity non existent before someone explained? Were musical structures non existent before someone composed a sweet melody? 

10. But, it does not mean those who explain it in a way that it becomes useful in application of many technological utilities for the welfare of the world or impacts and effects some change in the course of civilization must not be given the credit or recognition for that.

11. Everything happens in the process of evolution.

12. They happen and get their prominence or preference which do not depend on any specific later day evaluation, certification or approval.

13. Some teams, themes, thoughts, trends, topics, traditions etc get to win or get prominence in the scheme of or scheming of narratives.

14. In this process of victory there emerge some heroes.

15. So, if we reconcile to these types of philosophical perspectives and accept that everything happens as per some known or unknown; definable or undefinable designs of evolutionary trends and cycles, we may desist from our temptation to pat ourselves on our past glory, though everyone has a right to be proud about his/her ancestry, tradition, culture etc.

16. However, this ethnocentric pride must not become a restrictive ideology or identity.

18. Our interpretations and perspectives must enable us to go beyond mere knowledge and seek meanings and enable better understanding beneath information loaded with stereotypical responses and interpretations.

19 They must enhance our understanding, and if, we are conscious enough they must lead us towards enlightened understanding.

20. Some recently published books seem to initiate such process.

21. These books either wade through multiple events that shaped modern history; describe in brief a gamut of happenings and inventions; deal with a wide range of ideas etc and try to extract the essence of the whole and present a very comprehensive interpretation based purely on the impact of those events and ideas.

22. Almost all works of John Brockman, some works of Steven Pinker, some of Neale Donald Walsch and some others.

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