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Friday, February 24, 2017

World has to march beyond excessive competitive religious symbolism into a more rational humanism

Religious and Political leaders thrive on publicity and unfortunately neither of them learn to inject their agenda more discretely and diplomatically rather than a through unnecessary pomp.

Political leaders have to oblige participating in inaugurating big functions and grand events but then Jaggi need not unnecessarily court controversies when he knows the media is hovering around for such morsels.

When in fact his organization is the world's biggest reforestation/afforestation institute having already planted billions of saplings.

His way of articulating philosophical concepts is really very appealing.
His ability to motivate the high and mighty to give back to society is again great positive.

But then pomposity invites proportionate ire from the open and hidden opponents which could be avoided.

If the same Jaggi had opted as a gift for Shivarathri to built some 5 lakh toilets or homes for the aged or finance the higher education of poor or fund or donate for electrification of many remote villages the whole world would have applauded.

In a country where there are already many excellent temples, big with ancient architectural splendors [and for believers with lot of sanctity too] but many of which are not well maintained I do not think we need one more to preen with pomp unless it is intended as a tourism revenue generating project.

I think we have enough of myths, symbols to beat any other outfit in the world but not even basic necessities or fundamental infrastructure for many.
It would be wiser to prioritize those things and then do these also along side.

It has nothing to do with either Left or Right but prioritizing and addressing more humanistic concerns.

That's what missionaries are supposed to do. Promote their religious agenda, propagate their ideology but simultaneously also provide some vital needs for human beings, like providing for the basic necessities, especially in places with excessive population and lack of facilities.

I like many of his views, I like his talks, I admire his articulation skills, I learn a lot through his teachings, I have been to this place many times, very nice but with the usual clout of followers who look at everyone with a overbearing patronizing attitude that irritates, as if they have descended from some superior planet and we are submissive spirits lurking around for survival.

This is of course a sickening syndrome in almost all Indian educational institutions and religious places in India where the authorities manning them not only take your money but treat you as if you are an inferior species desperately seeking some favors for survival.

All said and done the world has to march beyond excessive and sometimes obsessive, pompous and competitive religious symbolism into a more rational humanism with concern for the whole planet for posterity rather than focusing more on perpetuating, fostering, bolstering and building more and more citadels for ideological or religious identity.

Very often it turns counterproductive as all the good and great works, as in the case of many religious outfits in India, get blurred and buried by the debates and criticism that these types of activities invariably invite.

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