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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Self conscious generation of balance, self restraint and synergy are the needs of the hour.

Self conscious generation of balance, self restraint and synergy are the needs of the hour.

A retired judge also has sent this to me [1] but I did not have time nor bother to read it.

So, Mahesh thanks a lot for reminding me so that I did not miss this excellent piece.

It is indeed a nice piece of wonderfully articulated instruction manual for many in most of the situations.
It is very apt and timely.

The biggest problem in this country is most of us have lot of great principles but we tend to prioritize the principle of expediency; prioritize justification over reason; prioritize ritualistic observations over contextual relevance; prioritize out-dated traditions over humanism; prioritize sanctity over social welfare and thereby allow self proclaimed liberals therefore to inject or extrapolate irrelevant social justice norms to demolish the inherent meaning, attributes, logic, beauty of many things.

All these follow a contorted logic of breaking the behavior of bondage with unbridled anarchy.

Somewhere a balance must be brought in and moderation must be made mandatory.

Unless we attend to this, the scourge of Identity and Extremism will haunt us for generations [2].

We live in a society which is hunting with telescopes for controversies, stethoscopes to auscultate [to listen] to sensitive statements and microscopes to mine out scandals and project all issues with great hype with profound superficiality of the main subject of discussion.

Free expression has become the preserve of a few and the rest will have to use diplomatically filtered nuanced terminologies cautiously and carefully slip them like a chef slipping a baby corn or chilli bhajji into a pan of boiling oil.

Inadvertent mistakes due to ignorance or gullibility or vulnerability or due to impressionable age without enough experience and then sometimes providence inflicted one may also occur, besides these intentional mistakes, errors, frauds are also committed by many or perhaps all in varying degrees with varying intensities either as inevitable aspect of compromises required to please societal pressures or what in modern day we call it as contextual convenience like no time to take care of the old, no time to spend with the child or entertain relations etc.

Worst part is committing frauds with impunity and sometimes as a matter of entitlement, privilege and prestige is all the more rampant at present.

Unless the correction comes from within the individual or system, the counter to these could become counterproductive or chaotic as in the case of BCCI.

It is only a question of how much is too much or how far is too far or how bad is too dangerous.

Human beings are tuned to take pleasure in gambling, guessing, predicting, exploring multiple options/possibilities and experiment all and then through experience get educated or enlightened.

So, everywhere human beings like to use as a strategy of circumventing the norms, manipulating, looking for short cuts and loop holes, and seeking multiple interpretations out of context of even great scriptures and so on.

But then, wherever possible for a just and preferably less problematic and more peaceful cohabitation of human beings as a species we also require framing, forming and following certain set of rules.

Besides these human beings also inherently have the tendency to command, control and dominate for which often these very rules cross the limit and try to treat the whole human species as a homogenous or uniform group to be governed and controlled.
Homogenization leading to hegemony as in the case of  Roman empire, Nazism, Spanish inquisition and so on.

Human ingenuity to create avenues is not centered on anything but tangential in its path.
It is myriads of melodies, multiple mutations which unfortunately need to be harmonized with synergy and syncretism to survive smoothly as a species.     
There is no species known as 100% perfect, satisfied, content, capable, happy, peaceful human being;
It is because some parts or pieces try to dominate our thoughts, ideas, activities and our whole being;

If we use only excess of heart and be too emotional and cry when someone is suffering from accident with broken leg and dripping blood on the road no use. We must use our brain and take him to a hospital;

If we use only excess of brain and dry intellect and philosophize without emotion like when our parent dies if we stand and say ‘anyway everyone born must die one day’ we lack the heart and we do not acknowledge our emotional and sentimental attachment to them;

If we use only excess of material comforts and think only about it then we become a well equipped robots without heart, brain or life;

If we use only excess of pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and neglect our physical well being then we not only misuse the human body and also become a burden to others;

These are predispositions or conditions which exist in varying degrees in every individual.

So, balance is required and there cannot be any single template for balance for all for all times because at different contexts or situations different faculties must predominate to create optimum utility.

Single individual also cannot be or may not be capable of manifesting this balance spontaneously in every situation or context because his or her predominant feature or characteristic or disposition will block the person from doing it effectively.

This is where team work is important with clear cut roles and responsibilities to be carried with professionalism and synergy towards desired goal.

This applies in all domains.

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