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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TV serials in India

Mistake is not television channels but people still wasting time passively watching many channels. Choice is ours.

We can always get a big screen PC or Lab top and watch many entertaining, informative and useful stuff as well.

All said and done Indians are far far behind in audio visual media for various reasons which are too voluminous to mention here.

They have lost creativity and originality long back; the rare good ones in any Indian language in audio visual media are at best a copies.

Added to these we have become too sensitive to allow anything different ;

Culturally we have become too sensitive and are looking for controversies and resort to unloving criticism if at all anyone attempts anything different .

This has fertilized a breed of upstarts with perversion who superficially extrapolate socialistic justifications for aesthetic arts and look for aesthetic beauty in social reforms.

There is a overall perversion, chaos and excessive politicization of both Left and Right extremism wherein the casualty is art,culture and entertainment .

News channels,the less we talk about them the better, in brief, are all paid and focus mainly on scandals and controversies-business wise correct and once in a while present some positivism like a pinch of salt in huge cauldron of Sambar, to ensure our blood pressure does not shoot up.

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